Meet the Artist

5 year old me would be unsurprised that I’m a Full-time Artist, she knew this was coming.

12 year old me would understand why I would initially go to college for marketing- who ever has made a sustainable living off art?

14 year old me would question why I would move to Florida and wonder if I was dreaming to big?

16 year old me would be happy that I realized home is not a place it’s within me.

17 year old me would be relieved to see what an amazing and supportive man I’m marrying.

20 year old me would pass out at the thought that a gator would be on her front steps one day 🐊

22 year old, terrified of heights, me would be SHOCKED to know that I even attempted to get my boom lift license, here we come 185 foot walls!

25 year old me would be proud -and surprised- how a once quiet, shy girl had the strength, courage (and at times young, naive confidence 😜) it took to get to this point. Yelling from the rooftops how important it is that this world has more people doing what they were BORN to do.

9 years later and countless moments/ people to thank for it. #grateful