My Story

Kaitlyn is a professional artist who graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2012. With a strong background in graphic design, she initially took a position and honed her skills at the Omaha World Herald. In 2014, driven by her unwavering passion for art and a deep desire to connect with people on a global scale, she established KT Artistry LLC.  Kaitlyn relocated to Florida in 2016, where she forged valuable partnerships with businesses in downtown Avalon Park, East Orlando. She embarked on numerous mural projects, leaving her creative imprint in local businesses, schools, and throughout the town itself. Alongside her mural work, she also dedicated herself to teaching the art of illustration and painting to hundreds of residents, fostering a vibrant artistic community.  Today, Kaitlyn's artistic journey finds her fully immersed in her hometown of Avalon/Orlando and the broader central Florida area. She focuses on creating captivating mural art and undertaking custom commissions that showcase her unique style and creative vision. Embracing each new day as an opportunity for exploration, she constantly pushes the boundaries of her artistry and strives to captivate a wider audience.  Kaitlyn remains deeply grateful for the chance to pursue her passion and continually evolve as an artist. She cherishes the remarkable community that has wholeheartedly supported and nurtured her aspirations. With boundless enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to her craft, Kaitlyn endeavors to leave an indelible mark on the world of art while inspiring others to embrace their own creative potential.